What the Heck is a Giclee Print (pronounced zhee-clay)

Many people are confused about the definition of Giclee (pronounced zhee-clay), and with good reason. This term is floating around out there in the creative ether like a a fly-away dandilion seed. Don't feel bad if you are confused!

"Giclee" is a french term that literally means "to spray". It is used to describe a way of getting ink onto paper, aka "ink-jet" technology. Now, hold your horses, don't think that because I said "ink-jet", that means that anyone can just print something on their ink-jet printer, and call it a "Giclee".

Yes! Collecting high-end Giclee Art Prints is a very legitimate way to own images of your favorite artists without jumping into the price range of originals. But how do you know if it qualifies as a bonafide "Giclee", and not just an unprofessional color copy? Here are some simple parameters that you can use, and SHOULD be asking before buying:

1. Resolution of Original Capture and Mastery of Reproduction: Whether the original image was photographed or scanned, it must be done so at a minimal resolution of 300dpi (dots per inch). Anything less will not provide the sharpness required when making reproductions, especially for larger pieces. As a professional artist, my livelyhood depends on getting not only the sharpest images possible, but are also done by industry specialists who use the latest equipment and are trained in color reproduction. I send all my original works to be scanned at Hunter Editions in Kennebunk, Maine. www.huntereditions.com

2. Archival or Museum Quality Media and Inks: A professional reproduction is one that is created using the highest quality media (fine art, archival paper,canvas,metal, etc), that can accept the highest quality archival inks. Archival inks of today will resist fading for up to 100 years and possibly more depending on the care given to the artwork. Today the technology and quality of these media and inks combine to produce exceptional reproductions that are beautiful and affordable, and collectable! Just make sure you ask about these parameters when talking to the shop, gallery, or artist.

As you can see from my website, I offer print-on-demand ordering for each of my images. The print-on-demand reproductions are all done by Skyline Art Printing out of Austin, Texas, and are shipped right to your door! Check out their website: www.skylineartprints.

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